Public Record Deaths Edgemoor Farm Hospital


All information has been gathered via public sources, as such Santee Historical Society can neither validate nor be held accountable for any inaccurate information.

Last Name: Maiden: First Name: Middle Name: Birth Date: B. Location: Death Date: D. Location: Cause of Death: Additional:
De Palma NA Ralph August 12/28/1918 Norwich Conn 10/08/2008 Santee Ca, Edgemoore Hospital Cause of death was End Stage Dementia, Multi-Infarct Dementia Body donated to UCSD for research, and they scattered his ashes at sea.
Cooper Burchfield Emma NA 8/05/1847 Crawford, Co. Penn 1/25/1935 Santee Ca, Edgemoore Hospital Pulmonary Edema, Chronic Myocarditis, Chronic Sclerosis, Diabetes Militias Body was buried at MT Hope Cemetary in Evergreen (Potter's Field)
Turner NA Alonzo Mordecai 2/22/1875 Boone County, Missouri 4/1/1964 Santee Ca, Edgemoore Hospital Myocardial Infarct He was buried on 3 Apr 1964 in Glen Abbey Memorial Park, Bonita, CA
Miller UKN Ellen Maria 5/1/1855 Sweden 10/5/1971 Santee Ca, Edgemoore Hospital Hypostatic Pneumonia, Cerebral Arteriosclerosis El Camino Memorial Park
Frey Hagamon Belle May 11/25/1868 New Jersey 7/10/1963 Santee Ca, Edgemoore Hospital Congestive Heart Failure, Arteriosclerosis, Senility, Partial atelectasis, Pleural Effusion (1000 cc bilaterally). Mt. Hope Cemetery
Winch Nordby Bertha NA 12/21/1869 Hull, Yorkshire 11/26/1963 Santee Ca, Edgemoore Hospital Hypostatic Pneumonia, Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease Cypress View Cematory, No embalming Funeral Director: Benbough Mortuary
Nutter NA James Samuel 3/??/1864 Richfield, Illinois ??/??/???? Santee Ca, Edgemoore Hospital UKN UKN
Zeller NA Charles P. 2/06/1870 Ft. Wayne, Indiana 6/29/1956 Santee Ca, Edgemoore Hospital CVA, Cardio-vascular Renal Disease Glenn Abbey Memorial Park
Baker Snider Metta Rose 9/20/1871 Bethlehem, Wayne county, Iowa 6/17/1962 Santee Ca, Edgemoore Hospital UKN Russell Cemetery - Lucas County, Iowa
Kauffman NA Edward NA 4/02/1864 Illinois 6/14/1943 Santee Ca, Edgemoore Hospital Pulmonary Edema, Cardiomyopathy, Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease Crem: Greenwood Crematory
Bone UKN Lorna Doone 2/14/1892 UKN 01/18/1986 Santee Ca, Edgemoore Hospital County coroner determined that Bone's death was an accident caused by county employees at Edgemoor. UKN
Blanchard Scheibeler Cora Ida 2/17/1880 Kansas 3/31/1972 Santee Ca, Edgemoore Hospital Cerebral thrombosis left distal femoral artery, cerebral thrombosis with anoxia, cerebral arteriosclerosis. Buried:4/4/1972, Mt Hope Cemetery
McCoy NA Leander B. 6/11/1873 Kansas 8/30/1960 Santee Ca, Edgemoore Hospital acute coronary insufficiency with CHF, arteriosclerotic cardio vascular disease. Burial:9/1/1960, Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery
Alberts Beamer Jennie L. 7/22/1884 Arizona 1/14/1973 Santee Ca, Edgemoore Hospital UKN Burial: January 26, 1973 in Mount Hope Cemetery
Howes NA Authur George 11/18/1876 England 12/31/1961 Santee Ca, Edgemoore Hospital Pulmonary congestion, congestive heart failure, ateriosclerotic heart disease Cypress View Crematorium, San Diego, California, USA
Beck NA Alfred Horatio 4/16/1885 Querida Custer County Colorado, USA 9/27/1958 Santee Ca, Edgemoore Hospital Dimmentia related Burial: Greenwood Memorial Park San Diego County California, USA
Yowell NA Jesse NA 01/20/1869 possibly- Missouri, USA 03/04/1955 Santee Ca, Edgemoore Hospital cerebro vascular accident - 4 days; generalized arteriosclerosis Burial 7 Jul 1955 Greenwood Memorial Park, San Diego, CA
Bogen Bachanski Helen Ann 01/12/1896 Muskegon Michigan 07/06/1978 Santee Ca, Edgemoore Hospital UKN El Camino Memorial Park cemetery is located at 5600 Carroll Canyon Road
Walling Britia Dane 04/12/1971 Hemet California 04/27/2011 Santee Ca, Edgemoore Hospital Complications from Huntington's Disease Ukn
Bradley Cornelia 04/22/1889 Savoy, Fannin County, Texas 11/23/1951 Santee Ca, Edgemoore Hospital Ukn Ukn
Barron NA Franklin Chester 10/17/1906 Illinois 01/29/1979 Santee Ca, Edgemoore Hospital Hypostatic pneumonia Greenwood Memorial Cemetery, Lot 338, Grave 4, Santee, CA
Smith NA William Walter 08/27/1905 Delaware Water Gap, Pa 07/05/1952 Santee Ca, Edgemoore Hospital UKN UKN
Hoinville NA Sidney Philip 03/07/1898 England 05/03/1968 Santee Ca, Edgemoore Hospital congestion, pulmonary acute, tracheobronchitis mucoprulent fracture hip(accident at hospital, lost balance, fell to dining room floor), left repaired, Parkinson's Disease buried - 8 May 1968 Mt. Hope Cemetery Johnson Saum & Knobel Funeral Director
Smith NA James Avery 02/20/1946 Girard, La. 05/02/2003 Santee Ca, Edgemoore Hospital UKN Evergreen Cemetery in El Centro.
Noonan NA Josephine NA 08/08/1918 Pennsylvania 12/10/1984 Santee Ca, Edgemoore Hospital pulmonary edema and asphyxia as a result of unsupervised bathing by Edgemoor staff. UKN.
Hightower UKN Lulu Mae 09/17/1891 Missouri 09/29/1962 Santee Ca, Edgemoore Hospital Diabetes Mellitus, hypostatic pneumonia, bedrest, pyelonephritis Cremation:10/3/1962, Cypress View Crematory
DeRemer UKN Elliott B 12/31/1871 New York 11/13/1954 Santee Ca, Edgemoore Hospital UKN UKN

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Andrew Bernard Werner
Birth: October 27, 1851
Death: May 16, 1936
Buried: Mt. Hope Cemetery
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